Same Sex Marriage Laws Force Faithful State Magistrates to Resign their Posts

By GF Herrin

For years I have marveled at the faith of Christian missionaries at work in Muslim countries where they risk their lives to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As “infidels” they can be executed for violating oppressive laws that prohibit any faith other than Islam. Now, here in the United States, Christians, who endeavor to follow the Lord Jesus’ commandments (John 14:15), are coming under fire more than ever.

The recent ruling from the U.S. Supreme Court declaring that states should not have the right to set their own laws banning same sex marriage, has forced faithful Christian magistrates to make tough choices concerning their jobs. Shortly after same-sex marriages became legal in North Carolina on Oct. 10th, a memo sent to magistrates from the Administrative Office of the Courts said they could face criminal prosecution if they did not perform gay marriage ceremonies. Already, six state magistrates have resigned their posts

Imagine that! Christians in the state of North Carolina could now be prosecuted for being faithful to God’s Word, which prohibits homosexual acts. Marriage is clearly defined as being between one man and one woman (Gen. 2:24) in the Bible. To force a magistrate to preside over a ceremony authorizing a same sex union goes against a citizen’s religious freedoms that are guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. Considering the United States’ beginnings and its roots of being founded on Christian principles, persecution against Christians is inconceivable. It is evident more and more that America is now a post-Christian society. Now, more than ever, Christians are being forced to choose whether they will seek the praise of God or the praise of men (John 12:43). We should all pray for these Christian magistrates who have sacrificed their jobs to follow Christ.

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