Reflecting on Brother Billy Graham’s Glorious Passing into Heaven



GF Herrin

This past weekend, feeling beat up and bruised from many recent events that life had thrown at me recently, I found myself longing and searching on the internet for any news concerning the Lord’s Return. Then, Wednesday morning, around 8am ET before going into work I paused in my pickup truck to pray and suddenly wondered in my heart about Billy Graham and how he was doing. I had no reason to be thinking about Graham. The thought came out of nowhere. I long for the Lord’s return often but this thought about Rev. Graham was isolated. Was it prompted by the Lord? No doubt it must have been. For later that morning at 11am I received a text from my brother telling me of Billy’s passing earlier that same morning.

I responded with shock and happiness at the news that Brother Billy had passed away, since I know he is now joyfully celebrating with our Lord Jesus Chris in Paradise. He must be surrounded by many souls that heard the gospel preached by him and came to saving faith in Christ as a result. But I also felt excited as my mind flashed back to an experience that I had about 10 years ago when I woke up in the middle of the night in a lonely apartment that I was living in at the time.  At that moment, I heard a clear, peaceful audible voice that said, “Shortly after I call Billy Graham home, I am going to come for my people”.

So, I don’t truly know what “shortly” really means in the human context of day to day life. However, even prior to the events of this week I have felt like the Lord has been urging me to take some time off in between the contract job I am currently working in Charlotte and the next one that I will take on in the middle of April. I have also had some interesting feelings or “co-incidences” regarding the May time frame as if something is coming very soon between now and then. I will try to post some links to YouTube videos that correlate with April and May that line up with those feelings. For now, I am feeling like the time is now to evangelize and to hit the streets in April for the King Jesus. Maranatha! Your servant in Christ, Greg.